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About The Review Hawk

The idea of “The Review Hawk” came to mind while having a discussion about the best blender with my family members. So after that long discussion, I realized that there must be a lot of people who are trying to find out the best and affordable home, kitchen appliances & furnishing products.

The main problem with most people is that they blindly buy the product that is recommended by their friends, family members, teacher or neighbors. I understand most of you don’t have much time and pleasure to do your own research and go through those hundreds of reviews. Honestly speaking, the product research process takes a lot of time as well as it can easily frustrate you after some time.

Anyways the discussion of “best blender” ended up in a shop where my family members and I did some research. Some of them were outstanding, but some were average. Some of them were too expensive, and some of them were too cheap. In the end, my family members and I got back home buying nothing, but I got an excellent idea for this blog you’re reading today.

If you are trying to figure out which home or kitchen product is right for you, I firmly believe you will find this website useful. The idea for “The Review Hawk” is to provide unbiased information about various home appliances & furnishing as well as kitchen appliances out there in the form of a list.


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